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Quick rec
I've just had a week's holiday, so I'm still catching up on everything, but I'm loving seeing so much good discussion going on about the election.

I'm particularly impressed with how many people have stayed constructive and optimistic even when offering criticism - it's good to remember that there are real people behind every journal name, and we're all trying to work for the good of the OTW and fandom, even when we go a bit astray.

There are many, many posts I could link to, half of which I haven't read yet, and other people have done better round-ups than I could, but I'd like to do a quick rec of [personal profile] astolat's post about team working - she has some great tips that we can all remember to put into practice more often, and it relates to all the rest of the discussion about burnout and sustainability.

You can find more information about the OTW on the official OTW site. Election voting is November 16th-18th.

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